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Mistakes To Not Do When Making Panniers

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Because panniers have become such a trend it is usually one of the most sought after presents these days. Many people tend to purchase readymade ones from service providers who deliver them or some others also prefer o create their own pannier so that there is some kind of unique attribute to it. Either way, here are some common mistakes to look out for and avoid when designing a pannier for your loved ones.

Trying to go by cost only

Budget is very important but when you try to design say, good Christmas hampers, it is important that you incorporate some elements that will really suit the occasion. While there are many cost effective options available to be bought from markets and retail stores, going in for really cheap and low quality things to include in the basket is a complete error. For one thing, the person who gets the present will see and know that you have just been a cheap stake and that will not look or feel nice. Besides, if you really want to cut down on the cost, why not give them something much more easy to buy? You cannot sugar coat a present, if it is overly cheap, it will be noticed.

Trying to put in too many things

Supposing that you are planning on making some baby boy gift hampers, what will you include in them? If you try to put a little bit of everything into it, it will lack some sort of rational thought and order and will look like a mish mash of things that got put together rather hurriedly even though you might have spent weeks planning out the whole thing. This will really undermine all of the hard work and effort that you have put into the designing of the pannier. Keep it simple, look for themes and stick to the one that you have chosen about five items is all you really need for a good present.

Trying to put in what you would like

While you might be tempted to ensure that the person who gets the present really connects it to you and remembers that you are the one who gave it to them, it is mandatory that you always decide on what goodies you want in the basket according to the preferences of the person who is receiving the present. Having included a packet of the most decadent coffee will not really work if the receiver is a tea person or if they have some kind of irritability that puts them at odds with caffeine. Do your research carefully and always base your thoughtful present on things that will come in handy to the receiver.

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